Thursday, February 2, 2012


I finally after 2 years talked Kenedi into playing basketball and let me just say she is awesome!!! The last game they played the final score was 24-12 and Kenedi scored 12 of her teams points!!
She's not an aggresive player but she is really good at making baskets. I love going and watching her play. The games are kinda funny to watch because the girls are just learning but her team is doing so good and learning very fast.


Well instead of trying to catch up everything since Halloween i just want to let everyone know that we are doing very well. We have a great Christmas and the girls got spoiled!!! They all got their own gifts and then for a family gift they got an Xbox 360 with the kinect. They love it we just need to get a few more games to go with it.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


The girls had an awesome Halloween and ended up with TONS of candy!!! I was lucky enough to go to both of their parties at school and after those 2 parties i don't think we even needed to go trick or treating. This year Kenedi was a cheetah and Maddy was either a blue fairy or a blue butterfly she kept changing her mind.

Maddy and cousin Addi at school with some friends. These 2 are glued at the hip at school.
Kenedi and her class. Her teacher looks like one of the students haha. I had a fun time with both girls at their schools and am so lucky and blessed to be able to do these things with my girls. I love watching them with their friends and seeing them growing up :)

First snowman

Well the girls finally got to go play in the snow today YAY!!! They were so excited. As you can see in the picture there is not much of it but they had fun and made them a cute little snowman. We didn't have and carrots for a nose so they used a dum dum sucker.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Gymnastic's recital

Miss Kenedi had her gymnastics's recital in May and she did super awesome!!! She is learning a lot of new things and is doing a great job!!

I helped teach this year also and got to go out with all the kids i must say it was fun. These kids have so much energy how could it not be fun? What a lovely picture of me haha.

Maddy turns 4

My little princess Maddy is now 4 :( Since she is the only one out of her cousin's that has a summer birthday of course we have to do something fun outside!!! So we borrowed this fun blow up water slide from my cousin and the kids had a ball!!!!
She picked out her own cake this year as soon as she seen it in the picture she knew that was the one she wanted. She is a true little princess and i love it!!
The girl's are trying to collect all the barbie movies and Maddy scored 2 for her birthday plus barbies with them that she LOVES!!!

We got her a bike for her birthday and Gerald wanted to wrap it so he ran up to one of the local furniture store's and got a dryer box and wrapped it all up. She was so excited when she finally got it open and seen what was inside but then wanted nothing to do with just wanted to play in the box.
Thanks to all our family and friends who came to her party and made it a special day for our special little girl we love you all!!!!


This summer Gerald's dad had a family reunion at Lagoon and lets just say the kids had a BLAST!!! We went up to their house in Pocatello Thursday night and had dinner let the kids run around and they told childhood stories. Then Friday morning we got up and headed to lagoon. The kids had so much fun as you can tell in the picture Maddy got really worn out and crashed in the middle of the day after this 10 minute nap she was on the go again.

These 3 little girls rode and rode rides non stop!!!
Maddy decided to be brave and go in the spook alley with Gerald so i waited at the end with the camera to capture her face as she came out but i couldn't see her face it was hidden. She didn't like that ride so much.

We all had a good time and it was good to spend time with family.